Indian American Parents Get Busy During Lockdown: Balancing Work From Home And Remote Schooling

What happens when the leaders of your country ask you to sit at home? Well, of course, the work from home concept is entirely new to people who would rush to their office early in the morning. The lockdown situation in different countries has become a much-loved situation for those who longed to spend time with their family. Indian American parents are in a tizzy as their lives have gotten busier during the lockdown. 

There was a time when working parents would leave the kids to school and carry on with their office life. After the pandemic, kids depend on their parents to study and understand new concepts. Indian American parents are spending much more time on their child’s education. That’s because it is difficult to get in touch with the teacher. School lessons are accessible through video conferencing. 

While some children are comfortable using tablets and laptops, but the parents still need to monitor the actions. 

Working from home and remote schooling, the kid is a grueling task. The kids are always prancing around the house while you are on a conference call. When people are in an office space, they can concentrate on work. In a home setting, mothers and fathers have to chase the kids, work on their projects, and even cook three meals a day. 

The older kids do not need a lot of guidance or supervision. The only challenge is to keep the older kids entertained during the lockdown. Since the whole family is together under one roof, it is a possibility that older kids feel suffocated. 

The drawback of the lockdown situation is that older kids are busy with their gadgets. Spending hours on the phone, playing games, and watching television have become sources of entertainment. Keeping them physically active is a daunting task! 

Ardent office-goers are facing extreme difficulty in handling work and taking care of kids. The job of a stay-at-home-mother is even more difficult. They have to find ways to entertain the younger kids. On the other hand, they have to ensure the older kid is finishing assignments and homework. The job of a homemaker was never easy! Now they have to prepare all meals and succumb to the cravings of kids and the husband. 

While there are challenges in every family, and the parents are getting paranoid after handling endless duties, there is a health risk too. This year is about survival, and keeping your family safe is the only priority. 

Looking at the positive side, American Indian parents agree that the lockdown situation has brought the family together. They can cook meals together and are watching old-time classic films. 

There is no office rush or morning rush! Some people have become even more physically active. The fear of getting obese during lockdown is quite real. People are finding fitness YouTube channels and are even dancing on Bollywood numbers. 

The parents believe that they are still in a safer zone. Health care professionals, cops, and store employees are risking their life and working day in and day out. Taking care of your kids and working from home is still a privilege during the tough phase.